Here at Attenborough Law Limited we specialise in offering Meditation solutions to resolve both commercial disputes and workplace relationships.

Commercial Mediation

Mediation is a tried and tested process designed to bring about pragmatic and workable solutions for two or more parties in dispute.

It aims to deal with commercial and financial issues before they escalate into a costly crisis.

It enables and empowers those parties to produce workable legally binding outcomes to move forward and with improved resolve and enables business owners to save time and direct their efforts towards building their businesses and minimise the negative effects of a dispute.

It is a highly efficient process producing an 80% chance of reaching resolution (UK Mediation).

Workplace Mediation

This is relevant to individuals, teams and boardroom disharmony.  We are one of the Midlands leading experts within the sector as we help our clients and the parties manage disputes and achieve resolutions that are acceptable to everyone.

Our mediators will help you uncover underlying problems and help come to an effective compromise that will help benefit all parties involved. We understand your issues and we strive to help you clarify and amend these issues to help restore harmony to the workshop.

Our aim is to restore and maintain the workplace relationship wherever possible. This means the focus is on working together to define a way forward and not determining who was right or wrong in the past. All parties' work together not only solving the dispute but help preventing it re-occurring in the future.

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